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Architectural Designs & Construction Hub

Land Documentation

It is clear that every land needs accurate and legal documentation to prevent any incidences. Land being a very important property should be registered. We help you with registration of your land at a competitive price. Contact us to help you.

Construction Works

It takes an expert to accurately implement a building/architectural design. With our experience in the construction industry we see to the raising of your structure from the very foundation to the roofing. We have all it takes to get what you want. We say the design you see is what you get.

Bill Of Quantities

Do you want to know the overall cost for your luxury apartment project? No need to fret anymore. We give the best estimate for your labour, materials and all parts involved in your project. We include pre and post project cost analysis and estimates with little to or margin of error.

Building Plans

Which building idea do you want to implement in design but finding the right expertise? We provide building or architectural plans for all sorts of buildings; schools, house, office, palace, stadium,etc. Just name it and we provide your building plan.

Architectural Designs & Construction Hub

From land documentation to the aesthetic output of buildings through brilliant design ideas.

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Individual Houses

Real Estate

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Architectural Designs & Construction Hub.

Our experience is not limited to construction of houses for accommodation. If only your project involves building construction we are well-equipped to help you deliver. Don't be afraid of cost if you are doing a small project. We empathize with customers and make sure their specific need is met given their means available.